Do You LIKE to Laugh?

I admit it. This is a commercial. But it is sooooo funny! If you’ve ever posted anything on facebook, twitter, or a blog hoping for someone to notice, you will LOVE this. Take a look. It’s less than a minute long.

Only recently was I able to feel the joy that guy felt, but it took posting a selfie from the Fiesta Bowl to reach that milestone of 100 Likes or Comments. So, now I know how to do it and what my friends like best—The Arizona Wildcats!

The 2015 Fiesta Bowl
in Glendale, Arizona

What was the content or topic of your most popular social media post?

Thanks for stopping by,
With a Saturday Just Lookin’ @ post

How Neat is Neat? (or has anybody seen my keys?)

I have been in homes that were so neat and orderly, I had my doubts that anyone actually lived there. I’ve been in other homes with so much clutter that I wondered just how many people (with lots and lots of stuff) resided within. I’d probably never know—couldn’t find them if they were there.
My guess is that most living quarters occupied by humans fall somewhere in between.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I’m a neat freak—although I am fond of neatness. I just don’t have the time to be that neat. (I know, I know—prioritize.) My main motivation to strive for NEAT is my own inability to deal with the frustration of not being able to find something—the bread slicing knife, the dog’s leash, last year’s tax return (I’d better start looking now.) the scissors, my keys, or my favorite pink lip gloss—when I need it.
I do like the saying ‘A place for everything and everything in its place.’ I try to apply this message to the area around my writing desk. I want to focus on the story at hand rather than the cluttery (yes, that is a word–that I just made up) mess that distracts my thinking. 
Closets? I refuse to confess to the condition of my closets.

(That is not me. I would never wear those gloves with those boots.)
To where do you swing on the NEAT to CLUTTERED pendulum?

Does your desire match your reality?

Monday’s Little Mystery: What in the World?

After a long day of hiking, gardening and six hours of writing, all I wanted was to put my feet up, relax, and have a snack. But instead, I had a close up and personal experience with the thing in the photo below. 

I am not bragging, just sharing. For me, odd or strange things show up when I’m home alone. Never when the house is full of people and at least one or two dogs are romping around. That was the case when I came face to face with the thing. And it was real!

It stuck around long enough for me to snap a photo.
Proof that it existed.

Sometimes, it is not an advantage to have better than average hearing or a sense of smell that a dog would envy because then you hear things–what was that? The gate opening? An owl landing on the window ledge? And you smell things–“honey, I smell smoke” or “I think there is a bull out back.”

Having an overactive imagination can be equally as troublesome as elevated and keen senses, especially when home alone.

How would you react if you came face to face with the thing?

Where do you think it came from?
What in the world is it?

Have a wonderful week.

See you next time.

Don’t Try This at Home (or anywhere else)

I am a nature lover and an animal lover. As much as I would enjoy being on a first name basis with a moose (or a bear or a lion or a gorilla) I know that’s not going to happen. This video depicts an unusual and unique circumstance. Interesting to watch to be sure; dangerous, even deadly to attempt in real life. (Unless it’s Bullwinkle the Moose.)
The video moose’s nose looks really soft, don’t you think?

Resolutions & Cravings

It’s that time of year again when some of us think about the cravings we have that we’d rather not have.  And, the not having them . . . is not that simple. That’s where a few of those New Year’s Resolutions come in. There are those that say, “What’s the point? No one keeps them anyway.” Okay, that’s probably true, but I see no harm in thinking positive and acknowledging that a few modifications might be a good thing.
I know this will be great !

I am crazy for carbs. The bread, pasta, and potato carbs, which means I need to start craving exercise. If you haven’t already figured it out, today’s cravings will be limited to food. Of course we have others, but those are for another day, after we know each other a little better.

Can you name two foods that you LOVE, but you know they might not be the healthiest or best choice for your body? If you had to give up one of them, could you? Here’s my example:  Cravings are creeping in. I’m faced with some really, really delicious bread (homemade is the best) and high quality dark chocolate—I love them both. Which could I give up? Or, perhaps the better question is, which should I give up?
Five days worth of dark chocolate !

All I know is that one piece of strong dark chocolate will satisfy that specific craving of mine for the entire day. One slice of excellent-tasting bread, (maybe it’s warm, homemade and right out of the oven) and I want another slice, then another. More is even better. No, no, no! Step away from the bread. 

Honestly, every once in a while I do crave cooked carrots. Really. But now with all this talk of food, I’ve worked up an appetite. Here is my compromise for today–I’ll bake some carrot bread. What do you like to eat or bake?

Who could resist these cute carrots ?

Cricket–not the phone or a bug, but a blogger!

Welcome to my blog and my very first blog post . . . ever.
Before you ask, “What’s this? Another blog?” Please keep reading for just a minute. And, yes, this is a blog, but it won’t be like any other. Why? Because I do not know how to blog. This blog will be about you and me chatting about things that interest us. 

Yes, I do have several areas of expertise, and so do you. We will get to those in the near future. Until then . . .
Do you love to laugh? Do you ever laugh when you probably shouldn’t be laughing? Yeah, me too. My mother and I used to stand reading the “humorous” birthday cards at the grocery store. That was our idea of having a good time. What makes you laugh? 
Holiday centerpiece with red carnations.

Did you take that online test to learn what kind of flower you were? NEVER again! I know I am NOT a daisy. Maybe a red carnation, but, definitely not a daisy.

I refuse to take the test to see what breed of dog I would be—learned my lesson from the flower test. Besides, I was too fearful of being a beagle.
Then there is crying. Theysay crying if good for you, though I’ve never felt good while crying. Hallmark card commercials make me cry, animal cruelty makes me sad and mad, and then there are those darned onions and the movie Old Yeller. Do you ever just want or need to cry?
Charlie the red-speckled cattle dog

Does your dog know what you’re thinking right now? Do you know what your dog is thinking . . . Do you want to know?

I could go on and on about love, laughter and life’s little mysteries and I will, eventually. If one of the above questions, wonderings, or musing caught your eye or piqued your curiosity, please come along by signing up to get an email notice when new posts or events appear.

See you next time. 


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