Today is Love Your Pet Day!

February 20th has been named Love Your Pet Day, though the origin of this special day eludes me. I’m okay with that. Most good pet owners love their pets every day, right? 

Best Kitten Smile!

That fact got me thinking. This day has something in common with Mother’s Day because sons and daughters love their mothers every day, too. (Nod your head up and down.)

Still, it is fun to have special days to lift our loving or caring to new heights. Most of our days are busy and sometimes we just don’t find the time to stop and smell the roses, let alone do something special for our pets, our mothers, our friends, our bosses, our co-workers, our dads, our siblings—well, you get the idea.

But, I digress. It is Love Your Pet Day and I am going to take the liberty of renaming this special day. The new name: Love A Pet Day. That way, if you don’t have a pet right now you can still celebrate the day. You could adopt a pet, offer to take a neighbor’s pet for an extra walk, swim, or trot—some pet owners are immobile themselves—help an animal in trouble, donate time or money to your local pet or horse rescue organization. 

Jerry Gallegos volunteers!

True, our pets love their food, but they love us, too. Let’s spend a little extra time with our pets today. That’s a win-win and we will all benefit. Most medical professionals agree with that concept. Some go as far as stating that having a good pet can add years to your life.

“The interaction with and love received from a dog can also help people stay positive. The mere act of looking at your pet increases the amount of Oxytocin, the ‘feel good’ chemical in the brain.”

We have a red-speckled Australian heeler that likes to jump into the river to retrieve sticks. He is also very fond of catching a ball. He will do that all day long. In between the ‘active’ fun, he’s content to lay at my feet while I add another chapter to my current novel.

Charlie in the West Dolores River

What kind of pet do you have/want?

What do you and your pet do together that you both enjoy?

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Boredom: Real or Imagined

Moms, teachers, husbands, or wives . . . in your lifetime, you may have heard someone say, “I’m bored” or “This is boring.” I can recall such a situation on several (many) occasions when I was faced with someone or something that spoke of or demonstrated boredom. A few famous folks had a few words to say about the subject.

This dog was bored…Not any more.

“The Beatles saved the world from boredom.” –George Harrison.

Somebody, get that cat a toy!
 “Only boring people get bored.” –Ruth Burke.

“Boredom comes from a boring mind.” –Metallica

Sometimes I find myself in a boring situation, one that I must tolerate for a while. For example, a speaker or lecturer that drones on and on in a monotone, but I am required to be there, can’t leave till it’s over. What’s a person to do? What would you do?

Boring: not interesting, tedious
Boredom: a state of feeling bored (that is a boring definition)

Most adults that I know don’t have time to be bored. In fact, they might welcome a boring day. Maybe “boring” isn’t as bad as we think. Would lying on a beach with nothing to do be boring? Let’s find out. Bring it on!

Have a terrific Tuesday.
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