Winter’s Blush

Winter’s Blush

Series: The Fantasy Maker Series, Book 2
Genres: Action Adventure, Romance, Women's Fiction

Romance, intrigue, dogs, and horses. Who could ask for more? Winn Wahlberg. She needs to get home for Christmas, but fate intervenes ... more than once.

The Fantasy Maker strikes an agreement with Clay Washington. All he needs to do is escort a young woman around Denver for five days. After that, he will receive his own fantasy vacation. What's the catch? He must pretend to be someone he's not.

Winn, a gal who's never left Yuma, Arizona, is thrilled to visit a big city and experience snow for the first time in her life. But when her escort shows up late, then gets into a fistfight, second thoughts creep in. He harbors a phobia; she hides a secret. However, they cannot deny their attraction to each other, though they try.

The Fantasy Maker mapped out an amazing week for Winn, but real life altered those plans. Their adventure is soon eclipsed by danger. Is their enemy Mother Nature or something far more evil? What do they need? A Christmas miracle.

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