Tina’s Tasty Tours

Tina’s Tasty Tours

Series: A Creative Hearts Sweet Romance, Book 1
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Tina has a dream. An impossible dream that comes with a substantial price tag.

She loves to cook and create original recipes, a passion that sparked her dream years ago. Someday, she’ll own her own restaurant. In the meantime, she works as a server at the Punk Patio. The cook, Laramie, is a nice guy, but those tattoos and piercings? Not her style.

An unexpected situation arises, and Tina finds herself working at a 1960s diner where she’s required to look like Marilyn Monroe and smack her gum when waiting on customers. The hands-on boss makes her life difficult, but she persists, determined not to dip into her nest egg. She quit the night the police were called.

Tina sat on the beach, scanning the paper for a new job. A buffed-out man and his dog ran up. “Tina?” he asked. “Laramie?” The guy was a little artsy but nothing like the pierced, tatted punker cook she’d worked with. They discuss their fake facades and become more than friends. And that is just the beginning . . .

If you enjoy reading books that include a clever, creative woman, a little romance, a little comedy, and a happy ending, you’ll love TINA’S TASTY TOURS. FYI—This story may awaken your desire to cook, dine out, or purchase a wig.

Start reading this fast and fun book in the Creative Hearts Sweet Romance series today!

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