From Wanted: An Honest Man

Blindsided by his words, she had some words of her own. “You’re not taking that dog anywhere. He belongs with me, can’t you see that?”

Jake smiled apologetically. “I can tell he really likes you, but I kind of … well, to be honest, I dognapped him from his owner’s yard. I’ve got to get him back before they notice he’s missing. I only took him tonight because I felt bad that he’d been left out in the rain and all. Sorry. Thanks again for dinner. We gotta go.”

Her sadness threatened to return as Jake led Wendell to the door. Wendell was usually picky with strangers, but he didn’t seem to mind going with this young man. She found that very interesting.

“Jake?” Lindsey called softly. “Do you think you could steal him again sometime?”

After a long pause, Jake and Wendell turned. They looked at each other then back at Lindsey; they both were smiling. It looked rehearsed. Like something from a movie or the seal show at Sea World. If she hadn’t been so sad about their departure, she’d have laughed. Instead, she waited. She knew what Wendell’s answer would be, but he didn’t seem to be the one in charge.

Then it hit her… the epiphany! She stepped up and became the one in charge. Something she should have done well over a month ago.

“He’s my dog, always has been.” She called Wendell to her side. “Good-bye, Jake.”

“What am I going to tell the owners, especially the lady? She will be furious!”

“She doesn’t know that you took him tonight, right?”

He gave an affirmative nod. “But I dog sit for those people. Once they notice he’s gone, they will ask me if I’ve seen him.”

“So what?”

“I pride myself in being an honest man. That’s what!” He looked worried as she slowly closed the door.