Saturday’s Best Laid Plans . . .


Leo Tolstoy once wrote, 

Well, it’s Spring and I’ll bet you’ve got projects to plan.

Planning a vacation, a wedding, a good closet cleaning, general spring cleaning?

Planning for a more organized office, a plentiful garden, a better life?

Quote by Audrey Hepburn

Planning to write an article, a book, a letter, a blog, a poem?

Agatha Christie once said,The best time for planning a book is while you’re doing the dishes.

I can relate to that, though my best plans and ideas come to me when walking, sweating on the treadmill at the gym. I don’t try to make that happen; it just does. So now I always take my handheld recorder with me—just in case.

 Do you have a special place or a special way to make your plans, get your ideas? We all love to hear about that. Your comments are welcome.
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To Read or Not To Read

Just finished reading some comments made by Stephen King on the topic of writing. They were all interesting, but two of them made me stop and think.

from www.addictinginfo.org
The Man!

#1  “The magic is in you. I’m convinced that fear is at the root of most bad writing.”

My reply: Fear not, when writing. Easier said than done. Most writers hope most readers will like what they write; that is a great feeling. On the other hand, we all know that you can’t please everyone so we’d better get some fear-be-gone! And, I do like the sound of the magic being in me (or you), but I am still deciding how I want to interpret that sentence. Fun to think about though. How would you interpret that?

#2  Read, read, read. If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the time (or the tools) to write.”

My reply: Yes, yes, yes. Now I don’t have to feel guilty when I’m reading instead of writing. **sigh** (OK. I said that but I’m not sure I can do that.)

While fooling around on the Internet, I came across two sites (I’m into two’s today) that you might find interesting.

The first one PewResearchCenter has statistics about Americans over the age of 18 and their reading habits. For example: 76% read at least one book (print, ebook, or audiobook) in 2013. Just click on the name to go to the site.

Such a classic.

Second one Most Popular Book Genres  (click to see more) displays their findings in an easy to read pie chart. It does not include all genres (sub-genres) or non-fiction. The largest slice of the pie was in the Children’s Fiction category. My mind immediately jumped to picture books and things like Frog and Toad, but their list included books like The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe.

Another category, Magic Realism, received 2% of the pie. I’d like to check that out; not sure if I’ve read a book in that category/genre. Here’s one:

photo from BarnesandNoble.com
I’ve been told this story is
definitely for adults.

Do you have a favorite genre? 

When do you find the time to read? 

Your comments are welcome.

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Go Arizona Wildcats!

Tell All Tuesday: Why Write?

Why write? Why write? Because. Just because.

Everyone writes . . . something. Maybe not novels, articles, or screenplays, but you do write. Perhaps you write checks 🙂 or notes on the fridge, letters, posts, lists, graffiti (hope not), resumes, references, complaints, praises, journal entries, or the note you hide in your child’s lunch box with words of encouragement.

From thecountrychiccottage.net
Put your pens/pencils
in Mason Jars!

Some prefer to write with a favorite 
colored gel pen, a mechanical pencil, 
or an old-fashioned one.
Others write only on a tablet, 
laptop, or desktop . . . even your 
phone is a possibility these days.

Everyone writes . . . somewhere.

A lovely outdoor spot
where the chalk dust can float
to the ground.

I spent many years writing on chalkboards before they were replaced with whiteboards prior to challenging myself to write a novel. FYI—this is not a Writers’ Blog. (It’s a blog about Love, laughter, and life’s little mysteries.) But since I am a writer, I will share a little information about my books now and then.

Why do I write?  Because I have so many stories in my head just waiting to be set free. Once I began my first novel—just to see if I could actually complete such a task—I was hooked! The process became a passion and Book 1 KINDERGARTEN BABY was born. Hint: it’s NOT about a baby. It is a romantic mystery for adults.

What is your favorite writing implement?  What or where do you write?  Do you have any dreams or desires to write?

 Here is your chance.  Go ahead, write something.

Have a wonderful week.

Cricket  (used my gel pen for that)

A Tell All Tuesday post

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