My Kind of White

It is the middle of November and from my current location—southwestern Colorado— it has been snowing on and off for the past few days. Not typical weather, though at this elevation, it is possible. So, no wonder the color white it on my mind. I am surrounded by white.

Let’s start off with a Monday’s Little Mystery. What do you think this “white” thing is?  If it were “art” what title would you give it?

“Not My Bones”

No chilly white mystery here. Put a little chocolate sauce on this cone and I am there . . . at the beach. A little warmth with the ice cream.

                   Looks good to me.

Back to something white and cold. Who could resist this cute little guy? I suppose we must; his mother is close by.

I’m not the least bit cold.

Just looking at this next photo makes me shiver. I did not know it was possible for water moving this swiftly to freeze.

Niagara Falls . . . not falling.
Along with the cold comes incredible beauty. This frosty tree is stunning.
 I hope it is not cold when the bride wears this beautiful white dress. Two dresses in one. What an amazing design! Don’t you agree?

Thanks for stopping by and looking at my kind of white.

I hope to post about yellow things (like sunshine) in a few weeks.

A Tale of Two Charlies

Going for a ride!

To the best of my knowledge, Charlie the dog was born first, somewhere south of Tucson. He was adopted out of the back of a rancher’s truck before he was eight weeks old.

The timing of his adoption, though likely wonderful for the puppy, proved challenging for his new human parents. The very next day was the first day of school and they were both educators. So, the puppy went to school.

Charlie the coyote was born approximately 18 months later near a tiny, really tiny town in northern Wyoming. A young woman took him in shortly after his coyote parents were shot for killing sheep. That woman had many talents—writing, photography, and bravery. She raised that 10-day old coyote pup and documented his life.

That documentation became a published book, The Daily Coyote, that I stumbled upon as I searched for a birthday present for my husband one year. I wanted to find a novel about a dog—we are wildlife and dog lovers—but I did not want that dog to die at the end of the story (think Old Yeller and, well, most stories about dogs).  Reading the back of the book and learning that it was a true story about a coyote named Charlie (that looked like our dog Charlie and that didn’t die at the end of the story-hurray!) I made the purchase and read it that night before giving it away as a gift. (Is that cheating?)

Charlie, the coyote!
Charlie looking for a mouse in a snow tunnel.

As of this writing, both Charlies are still looking good and supplying their owners with unique and wonderful experiences. Charlie, the coyote, has an entire book written about him and beautiful photographs taken of him almost daily. Charlie, my dog, has to settle for having his photo on the back cover of my novels and on the front of my blog. He’s good with that.

To be continued . . .

Do you have a favorite book about a dog?

Do you have any unique experiences with dogs or coyotes?

Your comments are welcome.

Thanks for stopping by,


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