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The Mouse and More!

One more thing almost no one knows—

I once was a mouse. Yes, you read that right. Hard to believe, huh? Back in the day (that phrase always makes me laugh) acting, performing was my favorite past time. So . . . I wrote my first script, gathered my actor friends and produced the children’s TV pilot for Welcome to Berrysville. The original cast is featured below.

The rabbit, the tiny bee, and the porcupine? My three sons. (Hey, Hollywood does that all the time.) The cast and crew were THE BEST! We had a blast. Most resided in San Diego. Only the lead frog and the director, Francis Grummon (not sure I spelled that right–it was many years ago) came down from Los Angeles. A belated shout out to DAVE MICHAELS, a fantastic songwriter/musician who performed the theme music “A Frog Went A-Courting” for the production.


The cast of The Frog And The Mouse
on location in the hills east of San Diego

Is there anything about YOU that almost no one knows? And that you are willing to tell the world? 

Remember THE THING from one of my previous posts? OMG! So many comments showed up here and on facebook. Made my day. Thank you. OK. As promised, I will explain . . .
I’m lookin’ at YOU!

It’s simple really. When I opened up a new oval-shaped container of ice cream this alien face was staring up at me. Kind of creepy. Never had a face in my ice cream before. I had second thoughts about actually eating it. But . . . it was CHOCOLATE ice cream. Alien gone!
That is how I came to see the thing. It is still a mystery to me just how it came to be. Any scientists out there?

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Saturday’s Best Laid Plans . . .


Leo Tolstoy once wrote, 

Well, it’s Spring and I’ll bet you’ve got projects to plan.

Planning a vacation, a wedding, a good closet cleaning, general spring cleaning?

Planning for a more organized office, a plentiful garden, a better life?

Quote by Audrey Hepburn

Planning to write an article, a book, a letter, a blog, a poem?

Agatha Christie once said,The best time for planning a book is while you’re doing the dishes.

I can relate to that, though my best plans and ideas come to me when walking, sweating on the treadmill at the gym. I don’t try to make that happen; it just does. So now I always take my handheld recorder with me—just in case.

 Do you have a special place or a special way to make your plans, get your ideas? We all love to hear about that. Your comments are welcome.
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Funny for Teachers . . . or maybe not.

What does the test say? Good Question.

This time of year, as we approach some of those high stakes tests given to our children, we think about paper and pencil tests of academic skills. WHAT DOES THE TEST SAY?  Find out below.


Ah, the world of testing. It certainly has taken many turns, shapes, names, lengths, etc., But testing is likely here to stay, at least in some form. We all take more tests than we realize—we all pay more taxes than we realize, too, but that’s another story for another time.

Color Blind Test from

There are eye tests, driving tests, too many medical tests to even mention. You might test the waters or take a test run. Then there’s the inkblot test. Did you ever take one of those? No, me either. But I see mean moths landing on fairies. Wonder what that means.
A Rorschack Inkblot

Your comments are always welcome.

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A Teacher Tuesday Post
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This Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Valentine’s Day is a perfect day to think about love. All the pink and red hearts, the candy, the flowers, the cards make this one heck of a colorful and sometimes costly day. But we love it. Right?

photo from
Tulips and candy!

Let’s begin with a dictionary definition(s) of love.

1 an intense feeling of deep affection : babies fill parents with intense feelings of love | their love for their country.

a deep romantic or sexual attachment to someone : it was love at first sight | they were both in love with her | we were slowly falling in love.

( Love) a personified figure of love, often represented as Cupid.

a great interest and pleasure in something : his love for football | we share a love of music.

affectionate greetings conveyed to someone on one’s behalf.

a formula for ending an affectionate letter : take care, lots of love, 

You, most likely, could add to these definitions. For now, I will stick with the simple ones listed above with the exception of puppy love. Gotta have some of that. 

Love this Blue Heeler Puppy!

I know, I know. That is not what is meant by puppy love, but I could not resist this little guy.

And, of course, we’ve all heard of love at first sight. According to Catherine Beham 58% of Americans believe in it; 50% not only believe in it, they say they have experienced it.

It does seem reasonable that liking (or not liking) at first “acquaintance” is feasible. Even loving at first acquaintance might be, too, but at first sight? Not so much. I suppose it would depend on one’s definition of love. For those equating love and lust . . . perhaps. But we’re all adults here and we do know the difference.

What do you think? 
What are you doing for Valentine’s Day?


Lots of Love,

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Monday’s Little Mystery: What in the World?

After a long day of hiking, gardening and six hours of writing, all I wanted was to put my feet up, relax, and have a snack. But instead, I had a close up and personal experience with the thing in the photo below. 

I am not bragging, just sharing. For me, odd or strange things show up when I’m home alone. Never when the house is full of people and at least one or two dogs are romping around. That was the case when I came face to face with the thing. And it was real!

It stuck around long enough for me to snap a photo.
Proof that it existed.

Sometimes, it is not an advantage to have better than average hearing or a sense of smell that a dog would envy because then you hear things–what was that? The gate opening? An owl landing on the window ledge? And you smell things–“honey, I smell smoke” or “I think there is a bull out back.”

Having an overactive imagination can be equally as troublesome as elevated and keen senses, especially when home alone.

How would you react if you came face to face with the thing?

Where do you think it came from?
What in the world is it?

Have a wonderful week.

See you next time.

Don’t Try This at Home (or anywhere else)

I am a nature lover and an animal lover. As much as I would enjoy being on a first name basis with a moose (or a bear or a lion or a gorilla) I know that’s not going to happen. This video depicts an unusual and unique circumstance. Interesting to watch to be sure; dangerous, even deadly to attempt in real life. (Unless it’s Bullwinkle the Moose.)
The video moose’s nose looks really soft, don’t you think?

Cricket–not the phone or a bug, but a blogger!

Welcome to my blog and my very first blog post . . . ever.
Before you ask, “What’s this? Another blog?” Please keep reading for just a minute. And, yes, this is a blog, but it won’t be like any other. Why? Because I do not know how to blog. This blog will be about you and me chatting about things that interest us. 

Yes, I do have several areas of expertise, and so do you. We will get to those in the near future. Until then . . .
Do you love to laugh? Do you ever laugh when you probably shouldn’t be laughing? Yeah, me too. My mother and I used to stand reading the “humorous” birthday cards at the grocery store. That was our idea of having a good time. What makes you laugh? 
Holiday centerpiece with red carnations.

Did you take that online test to learn what kind of flower you were? NEVER again! I know I am NOT a daisy. Maybe a red carnation, but, definitely not a daisy.

I refuse to take the test to see what breed of dog I would be—learned my lesson from the flower test. Besides, I was too fearful of being a beagle.
Then there is crying. Theysay crying if good for you, though I’ve never felt good while crying. Hallmark card commercials make me cry, animal cruelty makes me sad and mad, and then there are those darned onions and the movie Old Yeller. Do you ever just want or need to cry?
Charlie the red-speckled cattle dog

Does your dog know what you’re thinking right now? Do you know what your dog is thinking . . . Do you want to know?

I could go on and on about love, laughter and life’s little mysteries and I will, eventually. If one of the above questions, wonderings, or musing caught your eye or piqued your curiosity, please come along by signing up to get an email notice when new posts or events appear.

See you next time. 


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