Thrilling, romantic, and sprinkled with humor, HIT THE ROAD, JAKE! reinvents the ‘buddy movie’ concept with the written word … and a pretty woman.

Practically newlyweds, Jake and Lindsey created the perfect win-win plan. While traveling between Tucson and Estes Park in their RV, Jake would solve embarrassing mysteries schools wished to keep under wraps, and Lindsey, being the ‘cover’ for their presence, would conduct workshops for teachers.

They were good at finding the offenders responsible for petty theft, disappearing records, and blackmail, but when new mysteries turned personal—slashed tires, spattered blood, steamy love letters to Jake, a stolen pet … everything changed.

Who was this enemy that secretly harassed them from town to town? Jake called in some favors and managed to finagle the DNA testing of several blood samples. The results were shocking, and the dangers they faced became deadly.

“Cricket Rohman really nails it! She gives her readers a ton of depth in both the story line and character development. A great, fun read!”

—Lala Corriere, author of Bye Bye Bones: A Cassidy Clark Novel