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Book 2 in the McAllister Brothers series.


TROY MCALLISTER is determined to keep all the flirty, local horsewomen that frequent his ranch at a safe distance. He enjoys the attention, but a real relationship? No Way! He’s too busy overseeing his ranch, the horses, and the guests — with subtle assistance from Kitchi, a wise Native American man.

HEATHER HOLBROOK stumbles into grave danger while spending a few weeks at the Montana ranch. Why is she there? Carrying a heart-breaking, untold secret, she needs a diversion, and as a would-be novelist, she’s following an idea for a story.

Troy and Heather are surprised when intermittent sparks fly between them, but unnamed evil forces are at work. Nothing makes sense, and Heather turns up missing. The clock is ticking, mysteries must be solved, or people will die.

Cowboys, mountain wildlife, gunfights, love in a loft, search and rescue—

Montana Countdown has it all.

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Book 3 in the McAllister Brothers series

Contemporary Western Romance

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