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Book 3 in the McAllister Brothers series

Contemporary Western Romance

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Cowboys in blizzard conditions, life-saving animals, and three women who love them all—Wyoming Sundown is a chilly adventure about a less than perfect, modern-day ranch family.

Frustrated after years of inactivity due to his paralysis, Clint McAllister creates a challenge that will bring the McAllister men together again. At least that’s what he told his wife, Alice.

Although the idea lifts his veil of on-going depression, it places his sons, Trace and Troy, in great danger. Will these cowboys agree to take their dad’s challenge and ride horseback across the remote wastelands of Wyoming in the dead of winter?

Alice is furious about Clint’s foolish plan. It is almost Christmas, a bad time for such nonsense. So she dreams up a secret agenda of her own that includes Hannah and Heather, her sons’ fiancées. The women head to Wyoming and prepare for the holiday, but too many days go by with no word from any of the men. Anxious and worried, they can’t help but wonder if Clint’s grand plan had gone terribly wrong.

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